Turn It On And...

in funny •  5 months ago

When you're reaching around the dark looking for the torch but find your mom's vibrator instead

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The end of Dare Devil story lol :D



I think the that's just the revamp this hero needs

You are lucky if you are a girl.


are you really?
I guess i'll keep that in mind when i get a gender reassignment

Lol, the main thing you have to figure out how to turn it off, hahaha


he just had one up his butt while holding that fish


Now, that's a big vibrator


they are so strong

That's the moment when i reaching around the dark...


a bit young to be finding your mom's dildo there


Not young enough to put that inside his mouth though?

Hopefully it didn't smell like that fish...


hmm can't remember
i'll go back and check


Where you goin', it's up your ass innit?

Ha ha, now you need to be careful, otherwise you can follow a severe punishment, for excessive curiosity, LoL


ya good tip dildos go up vaginas
not penises

When you so much hit that G-spot that she freaks like you performing exorcism

Cute kitty. @traf self clicked photo?

Yeah, the amount of times I have been looking for my mom's vibrator and found the torch... Oh wait!

hahaha.. good one...

That's the moment after which we need to get a lobotomy. Somethings just can't been unseen :-)

Lol around the world unseen think,..


dafuq i just watched


Motherfucker what did i just watch 😂

Earlier, my mother used to say that it was indoor flowers, until I grew up and did not understand what it really is :)


japan ...

Crumbling inside, what is seen cannot be unseen

When I found a vibrator instead of a flashlight, I did not understand why the flashlight did not burn. Ha ha.


A caring son, you are.

Hopefully a child found it and it did not have a bad smell

hahah can't stop laughing on this one