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It's important to be understanding of the supply and demand with all of the others eagerly waiting for their turn.


ahh, that's what those foam sticks symbolize

We can't all have the stamina to keep going and going

Gif from Giphy


ah, sudden heart attack
gotta take it easy when you get on in your years


a stroke?

Haha lmao that's gold. At my local brothel however judge judy opens a can of whoop ass if you go over time



she does sort of resemble a matron of a brothel...


Actually she would've made a great matron in the age of pirates

We are still on manual.



haha that's me flipping the tables at a vegetarian restaurant


I thought this was banned; now they're even doing a threesome with it?

We have new technologies in brothels, when the time runs out, the girl throws off the bed. Ha ha. The client is paying.


ya, I didn't pay to chat and hug

You should be fast and furious.


but then it risks bursting my inflatable girlfriend, like in your gif

Time is money.
You find out most whores are more calculative than bankers, they can actually estimate the amount of dudes and cash to make in 10hrs.
Now you wanna over stay ....... pshhhhh......

So it's wide spread, thought it was only in my neighborhood's tea house

looks healthy

Is this the a/c handing out free money?

Edit: *generous a/c


mcdonalds all day long

hahah they know how to deal with people

Wow amazing funny post i like it thanks for sharing..


When your hands been "AFK" for a while