This Always Use To Happen

in funny •  5 months ago

When you're using the urinal in primary school and some asshole thinks it's funny to push you into the piss gutter

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It's moments like this that makes me think we should not have banned guns in Australia.


school shootings would be worse here as we can't even run in corridors


Run into the bush!

Yeah they do pick on the short kids in primary school. Next time, grab the kangaroo by the balls, let's see him kick with his pouch in your hands.


hmm i'm detecting I brought up some memories lol


Really sir you great man

Or how about the dude that mistakes the urinal for the sink?

Hmmm this soap smells funny


This is so gross, it should get an upvote.

Not only push into the piss gutter, that asshole pissed on me then!

WTF Traffy, you remind the that baddest day of my primary school life lol :D



that's the only wet pussy i've ever seen

That's the kind of thing that could get your primary school shot up here in the States.


you can do that here too if you turn around in time

When you suffer from a disease that causes your heart to fall out of your chest then people use you to get laid and you just have to smile through the pain.


as long as you don't mean they're using you as a mattress it doesn't sound so bad


Sounds like my kind of disease.

Happy landings. I wonder if he lands face first?


well wonder no more and just watch the gif!


Very funny. Looks like he had a mouthful.

Hahaha,,, Amazing funny...
I appreciate your meme


Thanks for you....


Yeah amazing funny

Hahaha very nice funny 🐵🐵

lmao best post today

That was Don Pouch. If you want to piss in the god-father's pond, you have to pay the taxes.

Just be glad its not Jurassic park.

I don't get how animals can be that intelligent o:

Sometimes you find who help you to pee also

Taking the term boxing Kangaroo to a new level.

Wow that's awesome funny.😁😁
I appreciate your funny.

I come to this blog quite often. But only rarely leave a comment because once I am done with going through the comments I am exhausted. So many funny minds at work here.

I will turn back where will go urine . I don't care😂😂😂


What a kick to the butt

if there is a funnier thing than this joke, it can be pushing the GIRL into the urinal.

Hahaha very nice funny 🐵🐵

Very nice funny.
I appreciate your meme.

He will be hostile to a kangaroo all his life.

Hahaha,,, Amazing funny...😁😁😂
I appreciate your meme

JAjajaaj friend you have a lot of creativity, as I have fun and laughed with your publications jejejej, happy day

It's terrible to be bullied at school, no kid should ever endure such treatment.

I say lets help them go from boys to men, feed them some eat some Kangaroo meatballs and sausages.

Hahaha,,, Amazing funny...
I appreciate your meme

Lol, this constantly occurs in school, when the bladder can not wait for the cherished place, ha ha ha

so funny
keep it up

The real asshole is the kangaroo who filmed the whole thing and shared it with the rest of the school


Fucking arts students, Australia must be full of them.

Mate, that kangaroo is trying to show off to that emu, dick swinging bullies.

That's what your outback swim coach is going todo when you're late for class.

Very funny....

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Little minions are feeling joy......