Then They Hate You Forever

in funny •  5 months ago

How they react when you compliment a woman with 'you look great for your age'

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hmm how come I don't get that same reaction, is creep latin for thank you or something?



why are you stalking your twin sister? you are a creep!

Lol, if you say this your wife's mother, her reaction will tell you everything, hahaha


ya because she's only interested in banging her own brother

traf, i once said this to one woman and she said "You're not looking at that, women's beauty is here", LoL


err i definitely agree the beauty is there
where did she think i was talking about?


And then they ask you to guess their age



ya i play it safe and say 14 or someshit


"Soooo if I'm 14, why are you flirting with me again?"

But lucky you @traf, looks like there are benefits to looking 12 afterall.

I just tried that line and this is the response I got:


You really got a way with women.


lets be honest, that's the response you get from everyone regardless of what you say


It must be because of my good looks.

It's for sure @traf , after such compliments, she already has a vengeance plan :)


she's using her heat vision to burn a hole through your soul

When your wife heard what you said, yeah then you might feel you hate the whole world lol :D


Is it because she understood you're being sarcastic?

that overacting

yeah really.

It's in the genes...

That's what I saw when I looked back, after such a compliment of the girl. Haha.

hi @traf,
very well depicted, infact if you would have told them in private, they would have slapped you....LOL