Take A Break

in funny •  6 months ago

When the work meeting is so boring you just have to check which way gravity goes again

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i tried that at work but it's a single story building so it didn't work out that well


still a decent workplace injury claim there


Yeah i tried that at work but it's a single story building so it didn't work out that well


Thank you Sir


Really great funny

Newton's Law of Gravity completely illustrated.


DD = down down

This fat lady should learn how much gravity really sucks.


strong enough to pull her wig off

After few months of investing in steem.


nah they're just following the price

When an Asian parent finds out their daughter got a B in math


asian orphans are all stupid

When you work from home!


pretty smooth escape tho
probably cut himself a few times on the way out, but good effort

Thank you Sir


Stop spamming with this ''thank you sir''. Wtf you thanking him for??


Stop spamming with this ''thank you sir''. Wtf you thanking him for??


Dear @gentlebot welcome to the 2018 football world cup.

Fucking funny

It looks like how Steem Price goes down with the help of gravity.

IT Crowd. LOL

just meeting? this is me dealing with people everyday of my fucking life.

The Board of Directors' decision after this incident put iron bars for the company's windows

Down . just like your revenue

Haha I believe this is called the early minute.



This is called stealing the attention without stealing the attention.

When you become tired of work

Gravity solves all problems.

HODL a moment, coz all meeting people will feel the same! So, let them jump :D

Did you ever heard First in First Out! So never be the first person Traffy :D


When rollercoaster is boring, so you have to take a nap.

This is, a stupid Joke but I really liked it

When this people are busy telling you to invest in EOS, BTC and ether but not Steem.

  • You daft fools, call me when you develop sense

ha ha he thinks himself superman or spiderman

I've been working the graveyard shift.


when you are with your friends and your girlfriend calls you
No one is at my home ,let's have some fun !

when the work meeting is so boring then this break is really funny!! Boring does not really bother at all.!!And occasionally Gift likes to do the same hahaha


It's to get the attention of the people

this you are so crazy about the funny hehe

It was like when my boring old wife asked for 2nd shot in One night.
@traf On the moment my poor body take a break like that +_+

This is office stress and family problem added together and one can't continue like this but to take that break

I think it's girls problem.


This is what a real break looks like from the outside.

problem is a part of our life.

Hahahaha amazing funny...

While fighting with my cat:))