Support Your Kids

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When you're proud parents of kids who have been accepted into the Crips

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In few years we are also a proud parents when our kids create account on steemit and we delegate steem power to them..

Also when you and your blood brother have got the moves down perfectly

More dad's should let their kids know how proud they are of them, not because of living in the shadow of their legacy or unfulfilled dreams, but because they succeeded in becoming an adult without STD that was given to their mom.


unless its AIDS, the only other way to get stds off mom is to fuck her i'm afraid


Actually, you're right all hope is loss if it's AIDs, baby gets infected because of the blood from the vaginal delivery. But if you were popped out of the ass, I think you might be safe.


Thank you Sir


Also if you get a fecal transplant from mom.


Thank you Sir

Some might think it's cheaper letting your kid join a gang than going to school. However with an allowance of a pound cocain a month that's not necessarily true.


you can bake a cocain cake with that much


That cake will take you to mars.

The bloods are better dancers though!


I do like the extra effort that went into getting a red tail


@trafalgar so great man


Thank you Sir

My kid has more arrests than your kid and once got a B minus


yeah we're not talking about those kids you keep under house arrest in your basement db


Traf's talking as if he has none

The Crips may have gotten old and fat, but they sure remember how to swing the blue thongs around.


before their weight gain they could actually ascend into the air by doing this


Yeah that's why I hope to get to University, I heard underwear flies into the air there.

With that large a cheer, I think assistance is required to roll your dad mom into the gang induction ceremony:



I wonder if they take that as a disabled parking permit


Best seller at grandpa's retirement village.

To get that kind of enthusiasm from my dad, I would need to win MVP at the Crips national convention

Unlike the Fiat, children are designed to withstand the occasional collision. And their little


Yeah that figures, ...parents, they just don't know how to work the sign.

Hey Moms! Don't embarrass me please

This is beginning to make sense. I was wondering why Trump went with the red hat.


That's the power of blood line :D I am proud they joined Crips before they recruited by Brazzers lol :D


All the family are happy..

Lol, i always personally support and welcome new members of the Crips, ha ha ha

That's the power of blood line :D I am proud they joined Crips before they recruited by Brazzers lol ..Thanks for sharing this funny post.
Great post....

Yeah i'm proud of you @traf
Everyday you did great job like my hand sign 😂
Proud of you Traffy !


Hey @dj123 the women in the gif, was that you 😉 ?

Almost bursting out of screaming
good morning sir

When he gets accepted by ISIL


Cooll kids..I like you my kids.
Your face is very funny.
I love it

right there, are steemians celebrating the downvotes on haejin through Utopian.

your also funny are really great man.

Lol. We always support our children, only secretly :))

Hehehehe ..this funny post.i like it.
Thanks for sharing this funny post.
Great post....

What is the help of the board helps a lot

always scream no matter what the doing on stage..

Ha ha really very funny post

Wowwwww....that's a great funny.
I see your all funny.
Thank you

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