Sucky Sucky But No Kissy Kissy

in funny •  5 months ago

When you're too stingy to pay extra for kissing

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Be generous Traffy, otherwise the dealer will not allow that :D

Atleast you paid for Sucky, that's a good sign :D



it's like being caught in public by the wife


Thanks for you....




Lol, the dealer is always on the alert

Paying to kiss pussy is rife with danger!


we all pay anyway
just not directly sometimes


Thank you sir....


So great funnyU5du9covtNNs8ytf7QCNLRTF69Ac8FJ.gif

Lol, when you ask for a kiss, you need to try to deserve it and not show avarice for action, otherwise the refusal will be sobering, ha ha ha


well he's definitely down for the count there


Thank you @trafalgar Sir.

hey @traf, there is always a cheaper method.

You can try to start with a message. good massage always works.


hmm and just hope that she'll throw in a happy ending based on my good looks eh? not likely


Thanks for you.


lmao get fked

in yo face

Lol. I'm not stingy at all, I'm terribly jealous :))

That kiss on the cheek is presumptuous and only leads to kissing less "chic&quot

Cartoons kiss GIFs


Too bad that's a man's ass. Totally changes things, huh??

Sucky Sucky But No Kissy Kissy

Stop Sucking At Kissing

That's great funny.
I like this funny.
I appreciate your funny post.

7 Kissing Techniques Guaranteed to Make You a Bad Kisser

Constantly holding hands when hanging out together or kissing is not your thing, like at all. Especially in public. Yeah, that's definitely not happening.

Tracey Champion was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and now reside in Tennessee with her husband and children. She is a stay at home mom, home-school ...

Ha ha ha verry nice and verry fan post. I like this post like this.

Sucky Sucky But No Kissy Kissy

How often is TOO often to be masturbating? Is it possible to damage the clit from "excessive" masturbation

But let's be honest: Even though kissing is great, first kisses are not always like the fairy-tale scenes that we see on screen

dirty jokes on sam and cat

Ha ha ha ha,
very funny post@traf

So nice funny.
I like this funny.

The Fish Tank Kiss

The Chewing Gum Kiss

very funny.
I like this funny.

I no kiss. Bad hooman!

Haha. This is my face when they try to kiss me :))


Why has this touched the small soft spot in my heart?

it's o funny,,haa ha ha

amazing gif.
love it

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But if it goes badly it can be more like this
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