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She really looks like her..


Damn, hilary dirty dancing behind venus williams over there

It's less than ideal according to my style. Here is my new pant dance figure

I know you like it @traf!


I hope he teaches kids

when fashion line rock cross limit and you show your extreme level !!


that's what they forced me to do in prison

Similar dancing style to her her husband’s “shake it till you rape it”


hmm not sure if he was a rapist
i mean if consent wasn't an issue you'd aim a little higher than lewinski right?

I’m no conspiracy theorist but you think Hillary and Kim Jong un use the same tailor?


just come out and say it
you think they're the same person don't you?

Do you think cashier cheated with the Bill when I bought the pant suit?


not sure if those stains are on the suit, maybe


Where is Patrick, Bob?? 🤣🤣🤣


Thanks for you....

So beautiful funny.


Thanks my dear friend @gentlebot


Yeah very funny

@traf check out your wife's dance move

Lol. It does not matter that I can walk on two paws, the main thing is I always have new models of clothes from Hilary Clinton :))


Ha ha. Very fashionable dog.

Wow lovely funny post..

michael jackson great dance

That's a great funny, I love this meme.
Thanks for sharing this post my friend.

Lol, i'm sure for a new line of fashion Hilary Clinton there is an excellent specialist, ha ha ha

I for sure gonna slay them all. They ain't seen dressing up
That's so hilarious.

Here is another one 😀

👍👍👍👍👍👍 nice funny
I appreciate your funny post.

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ha ha @traf when he cool don't tuch him

Very nice funny 😃😃