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Lol. I checked everything, nobody looks at me, I can leave ...


the coast is clear go go go

Lol. The most difficult thing is to go past the boss's desk unnoticed


damn, ninja dog

When you want to sneak off from work early but you meet a colleague who wants to tell you a thing..


i think he's less sneaky than he thinks he is

Owl bet he's creeping out at night


nah his wife's kicked him outta the house already

No matter how I tried to sneak out, this always happens to me lol :D

Traffy, I think it happens due to CCTV that my boss focus on me, isn't it?



how come this never happens to james bond?

That works unless you're having a home office :>


sneaking away from the wife is the same concept


home office is way better


i mean really


everyone should do that


if they can


beeing lazy all day

Im out of here!


you are one with the hedges
like all great stalkers

I tried it several times, always caught, I think there is a hidden camera somewhere, damn assho!es

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Haha well you know why you got caught didn't you, you forgot to bolt at the last minute. Works every time.


Or withdraw from the classroom without drawing the attention of the professor who is busy writing in the patient

Lol, every day that's me!

Really sweet little owl!

hahaa this will be me creeping back in to work tomorrow, as I called out today