She's Ready

in #funny3 years ago

When your girlfriend takes 2 hours to get ready to pick up some milk from the supermarket

Gif from giphy


true blue

bluer than my balls

even the darn shoes

Dude I think she won't go out, she needs milkman to come in lol :D


upskirting is timeless

I don't think the "milk" she is getting is the type you drink, though it's most likely still going in her mouth.


those aint milk stains

She looks alluring and charming what a lovely lady 😎

unlike my real wife

You have to find another girlfriend because it will drain your money.

Don't forget to compliment her to avoid another two hours deciding if she should change something that will take 2 hours to change.

Lol. Women and their long dressing up hours. Kind of frustrating for some men at times

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