Sexy Car Wash

in #funny5 years ago

My wife has to use the car wash because she doesn't fit in the shower at home

gif from giphy


Cmon Traf, it's 10am Saturday morning,

At least bring me to a carwash I can enjoy

push any harder and she'll burst her implants

or break the windows

More cushion for the pushin'

Your wife ain't the only one with a whole lotta badonkadonk

I must go to the same gym as these guys

Thank for you sir,,

I think I'm going to skip the deluxe wax and blow at the end.

good choice, there's no happy ending with this one

Thanks for you....

Being married to you, that’s probably her only method of getting wet as well.

it's not like she sees a personal trainer for the sit ups

Thanks for you

i am curious. how do you locate the portal whenever you want to have sex?

pour some ants over her and follow the trail

I will call my mom right before the sojourn.

Just as I guessed, you wife is a big whale as well as you. I can't even imagine how much Steem she has.

straight from sea world baby
get your tranquilizer harpoon ready

Oh my oh my.

How did she allow herself to be this big?

This is very funny.

Right How did she allow herself to be this big?

JAJA how could he get to those extremes god, he has no choice but to shower outside hehehe

i have no idea what i say! hehehe

jajajajajajaja this so funny.

ha ha so cute and funny

thanks all @gentlebot

Yes so cute & funny

Oh common Traffy, atleast you can be proud that she is trying to be clean with that fat body :D

Traffy, I think she won't use towel, so give her this as a better solution :D


that is a very sexy wife, exchange?

Hell no.

She will destroy the car o:

Hahahaha. This is out of this world. She doesn't fit in the shower. Real crazy and funny. Tell the husband to fix a tape outside the house
images (2).jpeg

There's definitely no shower that could hold that

If you got it, flaunt it.

JEJEJEE she looks very sexy, your wife provoking you so that you can shower with her and that's how it is richer

Lol. My wife tried to swim in the sea, but the water came out of the shores, now only a car wash.

My girlfriend is expert in bike washing not cars

Oh, yes, because of the fact that the wife is large, after a car wash, she is wiped off with a blanket :))

When your car decides your wife needs a wash more than it does and drives itself to the carwash.

Thats a BIG fail just like when aironman came to safe those kids


Hehehe the amazing funny has to use the car wash

When the wife is going to wash herself at the car wash, I asked him to wash the motorcycle at the same time, but she broke it :)

What a fantastic funny

hahahaha...It's really so much funny.Ridiculous shower funny gif It's good to laugh.great @traf
giphy (6).gif

@traf, My wife also big whale like as your wife :D
I had servants for car wash those monkeys. You have fix your prob with my suggestion.


Wow amazing funny.
I appreciate your meme.

Oh good lord, that helped me get that vomit out


Why doesn’t she come and join me! I have plenty of space.


This got me


your blog gif was really funny hahaha

hahaha great funny...

so ur wife is fatter than you? xD

It must be hard keeping her wet after she got beached, I bet she's a whale of a time though.

Good car wash your wife has. Where does she fit? Sexy clean woman

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