Sex Ed

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When you're teaching sex ed and are trying to inform the kids that the pussy is located between her legs

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This education is top notch because It also teaches you that you have to move fast to catch some pussy and that it's okay not to shave it.


to be honest, the one trying to catch it is probably not the one who's responsible for shaving it
but yeah, indeed this is the harvard of sex ed


Really that's great man 👌👌

Yeah..Exactly there...


he couldn't decide on which balls to catch


Thanks for you....

I think they got the ed of where pussy located on, and started the licking lesson :D



i guess it's something to keep in mind when i run out of peanut butter

Lol, when children can not understand until the end, you have to specify exactly where the pussy is exactly, ha ha ha


and here I was looking for the clit the last 10 years of my life
I guess it takes one to know one


Really you great man

In the immortal words of Donald Trump
"Grab them by the pussy"


it's why its called the snatch

Why does this thread suddenly feels like Wank Fest? man y'all sex starved!


welcome to the internet
indeed i wouldn't mind if steemfest rebranded either


Talk about goemetric mass adoption.

Yeah, I think the sex-ed teacher is missing some details here, they should note that the pussy is way higher up those legs.


Thanks for you....

Hahahahahaha......this is hillarious right now, its true though only that the word has several meanings


You are always welcome, you wont stop cracking me up here


100% right


The cats smell the fish, thats why they are always sitting there :>

The funny thing is to get pussy you need to be ally cat!

nothing to say :D :D lol very funny

Wow that's great funny.
I appreciate your meme.

funny but that was absuloty right...

I have to teach this to sixth grade boys and was wondering if this video would be appropriate.


hahahaha, that's hillarious! @traf

dirty sex

Personally, I think this is advertising done well! It works for the audience it's aimed at, is kind of funny, not offensive as far as I can tell - why not ...

Hope you enjoyed the beauty of these girls.

Hope you enjoyed the beauty of these girls.

hahahahaha you are nuts , good one

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This post got sexualized really quickly, if only we all knew that our biological drive was due to the instinct for species survival, we would stick to carrots and condoms, and not subject feline animals to such human experimentation.

The questions were mostly things that should have been covered back in sex ed: how

Really Very nice Meme

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Hahaha,,,, Amazing funny
I appreciate your meme...

hahahahaha this is so funny lol..

Very nice funny.
I appreciate your funny.

safe sex is great sex

What is sex education like in your country

Hahaha... Very funny post

so funny...
How fool this cat...
really nice.

Lol. It is necessary to tell when a pussy can be walked, and when not :))

Got to also be weally weally quiet when hunting pussy, they mostly scare easy.

Yeah, there's something subliminally sexist about yet adorable about bringing a cat to a sex ed class and then talking extensively about pussy.

so funny...
How fool this cat...
really nice.

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Silly questions and awkward memories aside, we were definitely grateful for all the sex education we could get