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Don't give up man!Only one day you must awake them with full energy! Then they will learn the lesson :D

Traffy, obviously I hate to being a parent too :D



hmm by one day, you mean today


Wow fantastic funny post...sir but I really liked it

You can take revenge like this, when they grow up... be patient


gotta be careful not to hit your head on the roof


haha nailed it😂😂😛😛

Lol it so much worse when someone is hogging the pillow



ya it's either the wife or the dog or the cat or the goldfish...


Lol. Dog is like "wake the f up! Don't you touch my damn pillow"

Too bad they can't bottle up that energy and sell it. I don't know how a four year old can just wake up at the crack of dawn like nothing and start bouncing around the house before I lazily slide put of bed to down 10 shots of espresso just so I have the energy to make a slice of toast.


i dunno if people are too keen to buy a bottle of 'kid's energy'

Lol, my energetic level is also always the maximum for a child, hahaha


eww diapers look full



traf, when my wife leaves me alone with the children, I always show my maximum level, LoL


ya, that's me minding them by the pool

There is a common saying, "If you grind too much at night, you wake too slow in the morning"

Tell me about it, seems like they run on petrol, get never tired


Tell me about it,
Seems like they run on petrol,
Get never tired

                 - justsayings

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Haha! While I have no kids, I do have a yorkie that has more energy than 4 kids put together!

Saturday morning is the worst.

I wish I had something good to say.

The best I can do is don't expect them to do anything except follow your bad habits. Every once and a while they will surprise you.


Yeah, I agree. You wait all week for Saturday, just to be all fucked up


Yeah and now I caught a cold on top of that. When I was a kid my parents would say, "Watch Saturday morning cartoons." But my kids want to "do" something.

Sometimes I'm so excited about my team that I forget that I became a mother :)


that kid will get issues

Hahaha amazing funny @traf...
But I really liked it

Nice bro... Cute puppy...

hahah you need to increase the energy level lol

Can I please take a nap. Baby why

giphy (6).gif


A brutal fight of polar bears

Lol. I agree with you that my energetic level is weaker than the child. But the same thing did not increase the mind :)