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Secret to a long lasting relationship is to know what your partner is thinking before they say it

For example, I tell my girlfriend her ass looks fat in those jeans before she even has to ask

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"It's your fat, not the jeans"


honesty is the best policy

Comical! 🤓

I guess she doesn't get around to asking for sex either ?


very likely does, just not from me

The secret is beautiful and intelligent and requires respect and high in dealing and acceptance of the other actually do not find a complete person and think about what he thinks evidence of interest

Hahaha..but this question will lead to fight also instead of long-term.. because you said fat

I don't even have a girlfriend to prove that.


I don't either, I just make all this shit up

Because that's what she's always asking when she dressed a pair of jeans:)))


I guess so.

Lol....a vry nice example....👌


why thank you sir


sir??? unacceptable

Haha yeah theres no point sugar coating shit. Tell it like it is :D


she always told me that honesty is the bedrock of all relationships


Haha yeah it's best to be honest. Then you don't get in shit for lying :D

Haha or say dont color your hair blond

Approve @rival for wittness

That's means we need to be good readers between the lines.

Been straight forwad is key in every relationship. Rather than flattering each other with unrealistic comments that are fake, its best for one to simply say things the way they are. Thank for the insight.

A moment of silence for single guys like me.

If I said that to my GF she will kick me out of her house but she won't stop wearing the jeans instead! 😅

As long as we are talking about the stupidest thing you can possibly do...

When she asks, "Do these jeans make me look fat?", I respond with, "I think you're giving the jeans too much credit."

"Secret to a long lasting relationship is to know what your partner is thinking before they say it" @traf

Everything is said.
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