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in funny •  11 months ago

When you suddenly spot your ex across the street

gif from Giphy

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yeah now you see why from the guy's point of view it's important to curl into a ball and hope she didn't notice you


This animal's armory offers great protection against exes, many life's have been saved through history as well as many testicles


ya, too bad it's not an invisibility cloak as well


very beautiful nature rich

I wish I could do that, but every time I try, it just looks like I'm trying to pleasure myself.


that's the last signal you want to be sending to your ex

Yup this is funny, thanks for sharing


lol thanks

let me think about the transformers


they were cool before michael bay touched them

very beautiful nature

wow fantastic

Very funny and true to life.


thank you

This animal evolved to become a ball when triggered a certain way. What is the name of this animal? Do you know?

That was pretty funny btw.


armadillo i think
it sounds like you're saying 'I'm a dildo'

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really funny.
which animal is this, any idea?



Me, when it's my turn to cook :p

please help me,gave me a information,what is cheetah,please


Yeah. That's pretty ironic.