Ripping Out The Moves

in funny •  5 months ago

When your girlfriend isn't as sexy as the other ladies and just starts cheating in the pole dancing contest

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Same thing happened with me when i ate something too much spicy...


then can you eat something spicy and send steem up to the moon please?


steem need SMT fuel to reach to the ned looks active...i hope he actively participate in the launch of SMTs too..

Yeah it's a terrible dream that my GF is at pole dance! But I admit she is sexier than others, only her ex's knows that lol :D



always smart to tell her that she's the sexiest


Well sexy is as sexy does :)


Thanks for you....

Cheating? You mean winning.


it aint cheating if you win
well it's like worth it and stuff...sometimes...


Better than cheating and losing.


Lolzzz love this

The feeling when you really need to go to the bathroom and you finally let it out.


yeah remind me never to use the bathroom after you


You'll also need a truck, for a truckload of toilet paper.

Lol, my girlfriend also uses the trick to win the contest, it's her smile and lush body shapes, I can never resist this, ha ha ha


I particularly love the wig she's sporting


Thanks for my friend

Lol. Oh yeah, when you are less sexy you are ready for any tricks :))


i'll try to do this with my balls to make my dick bigger

I saw this on the "daily dose of internet" channel on youtube. Apparently this is a sport or something xD!

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Great dancing contest.i like it..
Thank you @traf

Go honey you are doing just great.

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When my girlfriend feels that she loses in the contest, she uses a tricky trick with the jury :))

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She wants to be clever.
But, I think she didn't that :D :D funny meme

There are amazing! Great collection @traf