I am single and ready to mingle, but no one tell @cathi-xx or she will beat me up again.

hah i think you just accidentally tagged her

Well, it looks like I might be leaving town for a little while :(

You little monkey!
If by beat you up you mean, make you a nice cup of chamomile tea and a shoulder massage, then prepare for a beating!

Yes, you're right!
Please stop throwing camel toe tea, it stings my eyes!

You must be also feeling low... Better eat something before going for the next round

Thanks for the upvote :)
If you want to see some good funny pics or puns just visit my profile

@traf - Self help is the best help !! LOL



definitely DIY right now
typing this reply with 1 hand...

Hahahaha. Hope you don't try these one handed stunts while driving. Safety first!

at first it took me time to understand ... help yourself.

This falls under "complicated" right?

you could use a pizza as an alternative.

@gamehouse a pizza??? never heard of that

maybe do your nails and color them and try again..

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Certainly didn't want that image on my mind right now!!! :P

Let me know when you get down to spit and your sleeve.

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