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Nothing at all except one power up or wait till it recharges

Dude this is me before patch 20.5 lol :D

Anyway Traffy, now I feel it's too much RCs and HF was a fail lol :D



did you turn into the hulk?

Lol. In my case it looks like this.


if only rc refilled that fast

the poor computer often it supports our imbecility ..


that's why crts are better

Buy SP and power up even if you can't do that because you don't have enough RC.


ya they thought of everything to screw you over

This is how your teammates play in a league of legends ranked game.


ya mine are usually afk
i'm probably better for it

Lol, my steem power.. so be rc?. :)


ya, that's pretty much your upvote lol

Wonder what the meeting was behind the scenes after that decision

Gif from Giphy


it's been pretty bad since hf 18 :(

Is it on? The laptop I mean?

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Haha sometimes life just throws you a curve ball


Yeah that's true

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Finally the RC thing has got fixed pheww that was terrible for couple of days