Putting Up Resistance

in funny •  5 months ago

When you try to push up the price by placing a $20 buy order for Steem

gif from giphy

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sort of like a wonderbra that you stole from your wife


i use it for my droopy balls

Haha yeah just when you think steem has it's footing this happens



haha synchronized with other shitcoins


all coins drop simultaniously

I think Steem price is decreasing because of people who do power down and the number of this people is getting bigger.

Everyone who sees it is doing the same.


that hole would make for a great game of gold where everyone's a winner


awesome animation

That is a dung beetle, isn't it?



it's whatever you want it to be

When i try to the price is increase


yeah wouldn't mind you using your jedi powers to give steem a price a nudge up


@trafalgar please raise the price of steem I know you have the power...

Your loyal steemian

you can try, but you can't stop it

you make me always funny .lollllllllzzzzzz

Lol... Though steem has been on a downward movement, there's still hope that it would rise again.

That's your next worth dancing to lil dicky if you keep placing you cash like that

It is an impressive fall

hahha i have to admit i tried it once lol

That's a great information @traf.
Thanks for sharing provide update @resteemed done