Pulling An All Nighter

in funny •  5 months ago

Damn, the report is due tomorrow. Ah well, I'll just pull an all nighter

5 minutes later

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I only trust big jar of black coffee in these situation ..

Yeah, you start optimistically and in a second forget what was that all about


i'm glad i'm not the only parent that uses sleeping gas

When I'm doing an all nighter, I always keep a cock close by in case I fall asleep

Having coffee also helps


when pulling an all nighter becomes pulling all night


That does keep me awake, but not sure whether the work will get done.

When I'm doing last minute work and my computer stops responding

Taking out my frustration on it doesn't get the work done but it certainly keeps me awake


ahh, the T-rex style of typing from back in the 90s


Thanks for you....


computers smell when you are in a hurry! don't get confuse!

If you can’t write 3 minutes before due date. It’s probably not important.


a good tip for new stand up comedians

I try to take breaks so I can last all night

The only problem is I fall asleep on my breaks so it defeats the purpose


just try to catch a nap throughout the day here and there like when driving

This is exactly why it's dangerous to put your roofie and adderall pill bottles next to each other.


meanwhile, the girls at the bar are going nuts!

when my teacher say his daughter is Virgin ,
my reaction

Procrastination is never the answer. Do your work early so you have time for enough sleep and other stuff.

Be assured to keep a bad a$$ friend! Coz sleep always takes #1 Priority :D

It's due for tomorrow, so do it tomorrow, sleep today lol :D



first of all, sleeping is healthy. End of the statement.


Hahahaha very nice funny
I appreciate your funny Post @traf
Thanks for sharing meme😃😃😃

wasnt that important then :>

forget the report, just use your legs.

I hope you use depilatory cream.

You should try more. Even if you sleep, you should continue to write the report.

I do this while playing games.

When sudden sleep attacks occur during any type of activity especially when you take all nighter.


and the sleep attack lasts 4 days

It s so tired to complete a report...

Dont ever try and wake me!

Lol, when my girl tells me that she is suffering from insomnia, I always suggest that she finish my report, ha ha ha

This great funny, I love meme.
Thanks for sharing this post.
best of luck my friend.....

great funny.i like it funny.
thanks for sharing this meme..

Lol. Another 5 minutes, a little more, a little. And I'll sit down to write this damn report :))

That's a great funny post.
I like it..

You just need some entertainment to keep you awake

gif source

Having a little fun will make the time pass quickly and the work easier

Better head to the fridge and get an energy drink... Or not.

Only sleep is real, due work can be done, but sleeping is only option.

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Joker guy


all nighter coffee

The morning after pulling an all-nighter while watching anime:

Wonderful this funny, I appreciate your post.
best of luck my friend....

all nighter noble

pulling an all-nighter

because you pulled an all-nighter, does not mean you have to show it! Here are some tips to follow to make you the envy of your fellow all- nighters:

How You Feel After Pulling An All Nighter

10 Horrible Things Pulling An All-Nighter Does To Your Brain

How You Feel After Pulling An All Nighter

Be ready for some sleepless nights not only taken up by gossiping, movie marathons and pulling assignment all-nighters - I am talking about those nights ..

When you have to pull an all-nighter.

  1. You miss out on a lot of "normal" things unless you want to sacrifice even more sleep. It can be a struggle to feel connected with the rest of the world

Haha, that's like my mom, when she doesn't get enough sleep, she can be crazy sometimes. Hey I nominated you to do an entry for #comedyopenmic. It's fun.


Final Defense is coming. The end is near

And the next day be like


wow very nice funny

I am now sleeping .. @traf

엽기토끼 Crazy Rabbit fell asleep on the pot again.0827show02.gif

Hahahaha.wow..amazing funny post.
I appreciate your funny

At my office how my boss behave with my for my over sleeping and how i take that revenge on my employee !!

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Cute girl.

That's how they do it in the government. Vacation and dick around most of they year, then pull an all-nighter and pass some bs law when everyone is asleep.

Government: let's pass a law to make it illegal to honk your horn more than 4 times, but less than 2 times, except on weekends, where it is reversed, but only if your car is in drive, if it is in reverse then you can't do shit, because fuck you that's why.

Pulling all-nighters for fun.


Hey @jacqueline2, come over to #comedyopenmic and do an entry. They reward funnies.

It's a good thing that the class you had this afternoon got canceled because it gives you more time than you thought you had to do the paper.