Plotting Something Good

in funny •  5 months ago

When you're thinking about how to kidnap her because she just told you she only loves you like a brother

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Look how he kidnapped in the smart way! I think you might try this out, coz the girl still don't know whether she is dancing or kidnapped lol :D

Traffy, how is the day? You still not went crazy ah? I heard Blockchain was stopped producing new blocks today (Don't know whether it's correct info)



those are the wingmen we deserve
and need

The plan is worked..


never stand too close to a glory hole, ladies


Nice advice for them..

Haha just be careful what you type in google otherwise



that's why you need a '1 button delete browser history' feature

Lol, without problems, if I decided to kidnap, then I'll do it, hahaha


you'd think if consent wasn't an issue he'd aim a little higher

traf, always need to act only with noble motives, LoL


3rd bridge this week

make sure she's one you can handle otherwise you'll end up on your back and not in a good way


trick is to stick to the ones in wheelchairs


the only ones i can catch!

How hard can it be, get her drunk, use a british accent to tell her your George Clooney and there you go, she follows you home.
Down, down , down into the basement

Lol, never google 'how to kidnap a girl'.. :)

Hahahahahaha🤣🤣🤣 like i love you but just as a good friend hahahahaha 😂😂

Hahaha that's very beautiful kidnap

Lol. This will be an ideal abduction, if you turn to professionals.