in funny •  27 days ago

When someone asks if you have any plans for Valentines day and you're trying to pretend you're not going to be spending it home alone

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Lol, moreover, with all my appearance I will show that I’m really looking forward to Valentine's Day, haha


if you spend big she might reward you

I will also add that I have not just plans for Valentine's Day, but very big plans, haha


shit i say when i forgot entirely

Dang. I haven't even figured out New Year's yet. Yeah, probably be be alone for that too.


thought the countdown was for the number of friends i have

Huh! All this time I thought you were supposed to spend Valentine's Day alone. Guess I've been hoodwinked :/


seems like a legit excuse

And you're like"Oh yeah. Big plans. Totally gonna paint the town red"


off to the strippers for the valentines day lap dance special

It's good to hear that you wish to spend the valentine with your sex doll lol :D


Lol. I always pretend to increase my attractiveness on Valentine's Day :)

LoL traf, with all my appearance I say "Yes, yes, imagine, I will not be alone and no one will be at home anymore" :D

the plan involves at least 4 different women ;)