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The main idea of the post: I have a ship because Steem goes to the moon. Congrats @traf!
and here is our vehicle, this bike doesn't even have a gear.


doubt she needs those training wheels, she's ready for the olympics

I thought that was really good
No casualities


except the cameraman
didn't see it because they cut it off early

Ship Happens !


its just one of the larger whales here washing up to shore


Thanks for you....


holy ship!

please don't flag me for plagiarism.

Your gif logic will work only when the parking space will be an Asian wife and the car will be an African Negro's Big Hammer!!!


i'm sure my wife would much prefer an african's big hammer over me


ooopppsss poor guy gonna pound by Big hammer ! such a cruel thing : )

Not fair that you make all the money and she gets to drive the nicer boat.

I posted this as a reply to someone else yesterday, but wanted to float it by you here.



Ahh the trafalgar sponsored refugee boat that accepts steem for people smuggling

Just nudge forward and you will be good


that's me passing one out when i'm constipated

Lol, my wife is also all naively sure that she has enough parking space, but I always control this process, ha ha ha

The problem isn t wit the space.. look she manoeuvres a Smart car with the ease of 20ft long limousine.

threesome parking failed :(

When ma wife also think, she could drive safety and see every space. But finally.....


That's women

hahaha... amazing funny..

This must be what a priest feels like.


This is probably pretty funny, but I don't understand.


Pedophilia Matt.

Need close to parking fact

My wife don't care it's plenty of space or not, she always believes someone should be UP :D

Traffy, that ship can't be yours lol :D


more than enough space i'd say

I guess the ship lost its brake system or whatever it is that a ship uses to come to a halt.

That boat was driven by an asian female.

you wife was virgin but You are a professional car parker, now this happened at first night .....

No Parking

Hahahaha very nice funny
I appreciate your meme...

So amazing funny.
I appreciate your funny post.

Ha ha ha it actually very interesting post.

image_search_1525412565172.gifimage_search_1525412565172.gif. Do not do such a thing while driving, otherwise you can go to life.

ha ha ha!!!
what a funny gif!
fun unlimited

tenor (1).gif

Very funny

Lol. @traf I wonder what your wife will say when you ask where the bicycle is?

A unique phenomenon, but this is often the case. When the wife feels able to overcome all things. This is what will happen. She does not need a large space for parking. A little is enough. But that's what will happen.

hahaha... amazing funny..
Thanks for sharing this funny..
I appreciate your meme,,,,

How funny it is

Good driving

Haha! That's what will happen when the world is filled with scrap and cars.

haha great fun i like your fun