On The Go Beer Goggles

in funny •  5 months ago

When the woman you're peeping on isn't all that and you need some on the go beer goggles to complete the experience

gif from giphy

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My search is over. I just found out the best way to view Asian porn.


ya, when your wife's not in the room


Stop spamming. Thank you for what??


Thanks for you sir...


ha ha ha ,,,,,,,,,


Most welcome sir.


Yeah My search is over. I just found out the best way to view Asian porn.


Beer goggles works really well.


yeah it's win/win
except for the guy
he fucked up big time

Sometimes beer googgles is not enough,
you need vodka binoculars.


when in doubt, ask for a stronger prescription


Oh yeah . Thank you Google. That's what I need :) haha.


nice, it bends light

I see why the cops in my neighbourhood, always gat that hanging on their necks.
I taught they were xmas bino. Guess this is better.


i think they're just strippers dressed as cops


Yea... that explains it, drunk male strippers.
@holybranches come see the secret behind NPF stupidity.


I see it in 3D


Yeah I see it in 3D

When the beer goggles wear off...

"You are pretty woman.."

Nostalgic too!!!!
peeping it is a LOl content!!

A good Google search engine, I found great glasses. I'll look at the girls, the instructions say that looking through them the girls become naked.

This is,a silly joke but I really liked it..

Experience life to keep trying and it becomes one of the key. Regards @traf

Hahaha amazing funny....

Beautiful funny sir...

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ha ha ha funny sir ,,,,,,,

Wow. I realized I urgently needed a bandage and flowers:)

How funny!!!
seeing something The brain doesn't work..!!!

Hohoho amazing funny,,,sir

so shocking scene!!!

I have never encountered such a situation.

Hahaha really funny post,
my dear friend, this post very funny,

😂 hahaha so funny..... beer 🍺 in goggles

the beer glasses work very well

I want some binoculars like that, or beer would not be bad

this binocular is incredible, I want one like that

My cat :)