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There are no different between me and "T-Rex", if someone starts swiping pictures of my phone lol :D



i'm more disturbed by the person hiding in the bushes recording it


i wanna see more trex pranks on youtube :>

And then the next thing she sees:
giphy (2).gif


to my own mother? no
my wife? if only i could beat her in a fight

haha! If only my mom knew how to operate a smartphone. Plus, I'm a bit too old for my mom to be going through my phone! :)


never too old to accidentally send your mom a nude



Well, I guess it's better than her finding your anime porn stash. I'd like to think my mom has no idea what "tentacle hentai" means

Gif from Giphy


that's hentai when feminism has gone mad

Lol. Oh God, now she will start to educate me and say what I'm depraved :)


yeah, not so wise are now are ya mr owl?

p.s. This is an actual gif of me, felt it was perfect for this situation


that or when you're looking at cmc and notice everything's green except steem

never hand out your phone

If she does it then I a gonna make a nuke a destroy everything with it, including myself.........somethings just aren't meant for your moms eyes

ha ha just like @traf, well you would leave you?

hehe well I leave when I forget my phone, my mother is very curious

What should I do, run away or call an ambulance :)

Haha. Since I know my mother, it's better to hide until evening.

Judging by the way my mother carefully checks my phone, I can not live until morning. Ha ha.


dit monkey has more style than me

Ohhhh nooooooooooooo