No More Blocks?

in funny •  5 months ago

When you had to wait for Steemit to buy more blocks for the chain because they'd run out

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Seriously dude, I still have no idea how it was happened or how terrible news it was. But atleast for 3-5 hrs everything went crazy and I also waited to see Blocks for Steemit too lol :D

Traffy, now I wish SMT won't be here soon! Coz when it comes it will take all blocks and we can stay idle like your pussy do lol :D



someone at steemit just clicked the pause button lol


I just figured was having issues again. I didn't know the whole blockchain had crashed. lol


never underestimate how bad it can get on here


Awe. lol Maybe now Steem can finally journey to the moon. I think Steem is better than all the other blockchains.

It s hard to wait for a while..


ya, it's me when i'm 2 hours into quitting smoking


wait like a gentleman


Somebody get that frog a little hat and fishing pole!

Who wants to make LEGO with me?



i bet i'll end up needing to clean it up, missing a piece, then stepping on it in the middle of the night


You really are a father.

Glad things seem to be up and running again

Gif from Giphy


now that's proof of work


life footage from steemit headquarters

So I actually heard steemit was tired of the ups & downs of steem and decided to take a break.
Didn't kno their blocks for the chain had finished

= existential crisis

waiting for my game to download with shitty internet


try minesweeper ;)

that was a terrifying experience when you saw there is no more steemit

Hahaha very beautiful funny post
Thank you so much My Dear friend

hahaha, i will keep masters spirit :)

this is great funny post ..