Need Thicker Beer Goggles

in funny •  8 months ago

When your tinder date doesn't turn out to look exactly like her picture and you need some thicker beer goggles

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Yeah dude, through thicker beer goggles you can feel beauty of anything lol :D

Traffy, now you can have your fun with her, but I think she might need lot of beers to see tiny d!cks as thicker too lol :D



its fair I guess
that's why tinder matched us



This Is How to have a Beer Goggles..


he didn't cut the base so it's just a blindfold


"Lite" beer? Does not work.

I think this girl is perfect for you. Alcohol is also included in the service.


I like it
she comes with beer goggles eh?

Lol. I think it's better to buy 3D glasses, you do not have to drink a lot of beer at least :)


almost as hard as taking off her bra in real life

Lol, if you need such beer glasses, then I will lend you for a while, hahaha


i'll use them at the urinal just to be a hipster

i hear this new model works pretty good


this should be how ping the tail on the donkey really be played


lots of good party games with those goggles

When you order one thing and get another, the only solution is by combining the solvent in front of you


Yes, you do need more beer, not goggles

looks more like wine :D

I think these glasses will suit me, and the lady will not seem terrible and the beer will not hurt :)

Wow that's a great funny@traf.
But I really liked it

traf, it's harder for me to see my girlfriend better than in the photo, I need glasses stronger than beer, LoL

Без названия.jpg

Hahaha that's really funny!!!

it is scary to me.. ow!!
haha lol;

dear @traf,
It is normal to do this in such circumstances.

The advice I got in college was put a paper bag over her face.

Time to find it out soon beer not gonna last long