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Dude you reminds me a male porn lol :D
Traffy, I never believe your wife will give you that money in this peaceful mode lol :D



i dunno, i think you watch too much male porn

Lol She returned the money to me, but first threw me out of the house.


she's making it rain

Lol This is my wife when I realized that she would have to part with her gifts.

That's why you always keep the receipts. Same thing for you newlyweds out there. You can return them to their family before 30 days, no questions asked

right along with the engagement ring?


if only

Lol My wife did not find my gifts to return the money.

Lol It turns out I was very generous to gifts to my wife

Yeah and you just sit there smiling like a boss. Lol

Family business :)