Mutants Are Among Us

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When Magneto decides he can't be bothered to wait for the traffic to stop before crossing the road

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Dude there is no mutant ... i think that someone farted badly inside it..

Sorry going to tell you the truth, it's just aliens farting.


lucky there were no smokers in the area

How many time I feel you might be a Mutant too :D You won't bother STEEM rise or drop, you hold it's power until you feel - UNLEASH YOUR POWER



well it could be a mistake so don't take investment advice from me, obviously there have been many projects that have grown faster than steem

but I think it's worthwhile to hold at least until SMTs are out


I just used Bitcoin Cash today after a long time, and damn... that shit takes forever. I mean for fuck's sake, send the transaction. I know, I know, Satoshi's vision, blah, blah, blah, but it seems stupid that the thing BCH has going for it over BCH is that it is supposed to be faster, but something like Steem blows it out of the water.


Thanks for you....

Magneto : Are you ?


maybe someone just sucked really hard in a hole at the other side of the tank


Maybe :D

Haha lmao, I need to learn that I shouldn't eat dinner while viewing these gifs. Goin to choke one day.
Looks like Magneto strikes again.



that's just me going over a speed hump

Somedays when magneto forgets his helmet at home, his little dog takes advantage

Fuck you kitties, this is my food


lol never knew he got his power from his helmet
always thought he just wore it because he's clumsy

I've heard rumors of your amazing balls Traf.

Don't ever plate them with metal



people always confuse my penis for a third testicle due to its size...

That's my new computer game, yeah, it's realistic as shit!

I saw it before, apparently there were some cables / steel wires and this is why 3 chars were affected the same time.

Westboro Baptist Deadpool Does anyone else find this as hysterical as I do? Seriously, I look at this and laugh and wonder why all of our problems can't be ..

Like this ladys banana handling skills
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24 GIFs of Jennifer Lawrence, the World's Hottest Mutant

Saints Row weapons.

That is a funny meme. I like a lot. I hope you will be with us with your valuable content.

Even mutants love Thanksgiving!

I seen this .
Is any scientific theory exits to prove it?

"I started forward with a powerful heave ... and hooked my brother's pet goat, Ramrod."

Olive Doyle; What is Wrong With You.gif

That's moment like this,

Today I don't eat anything, but he eats. :D :D lol


And I’m pretty sure I am not alone in that. From her fearless journalist instincts to her tolerance of the turtles and their crazy adventures there was nothing Miss O’Neil was scared of.

It’s good to see Megan Fox doing the character justice and having fun along the way.

That's a great post, I appreciate this video.

Mutant Enemy Productions Not the grossest image of a pony entering someone on the Internet.

Look at these friends. Don't you wish you had a pal as good as Woodstock?

Doing ninja flips to get around is the best part of being a mutant.

American Horror Story: Asylum "The Name Game" Review: Dance the Pain Away

So great funny

So great funny



Lol, when sit down to dinner, be prepared that among you there will be another Magneto, ha ha ha

I liked the book more.

Some mutations are actually pretty common–and, in a lot of cases, they're not actually that big a deal. Mutants are all around us, technically

Lol. When you try to connect two mutants - a magnet with the same poles :)).

it looks like there is a mutant wind in there.

or it can be called as windy car dance.

like little puppies

X-Men: Days of Future Past – Mutants Are Among Us Digital Content Campaign

That brings us to X-23/Laura Kinney's long story sorta short:

And this first look does a fantastic job of setting the tone for this new experience, filled with eerie music, creepy imagery, and just enough dialogue to

Somebody didn't have their coffee this morning before heading to work.

Give them a cup cake, even a mutant feels better after cake

gif source

What an amazing world if this was true, metal benders, and supernatural stuff that science is still not advance enough to explain.

Anyone who can fold metal like paper, should really get a metal Penis


(Well, The New Mutants has been dealing with some turbulence.) Representatives from Fox could not immediately be reached for comment at press time.

Magneto spell power VS Jesus

very nice funny post ...
i like and loved this meme

once upon a time magneto lost in the Ocean.
he survived from there using this logic

Magneto Logic !!

paybacks are a bitch according to the team's proctologist