More Than Meets The Eye

in funny •  5 months ago

So my wife designed a robot that she'll unleash on me if she ever catches me cheating

I guess I get to do it twice?

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Didn't she have them removed a long time back?
Empty Threat


still, I prefer my prosthetic nuts for cosmetic purposes

My wife :"Look how it works, it can tear you off the balls of its roots"


you have much bigger balls than me there buddy


Thank you @trafalgar sir......

lol, I'm saying what you have to do @traf;
leave your wife and buy this robot instead of your wife.

I did it and I'm so happy now.


hope she doesn't double her weight 2 months after the wedding

Those robot hands also function as dual hitachi wands, so you can spend more time on Steemit without her being such a distraction.


trust me, she's never been a distraction to any guy in her life

Lets not beat around the bush here. Some men can get so angry at an ex girlfriend cheating on them that they may cheat on them out of spite just to get ...

Girls Hbo GIF

What a smart woman you got :>

Safe to say, you'll nuts to trifle

Really ,,,,,Amazing funny post,,,
Thanks for sharing
I appreciate your meme,,,


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Amazing funny post,,,
Thanks for sharing

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A cork smashing machine.
Men run!!!

So great funny post 👈😁👍😁👈😁👍😁😁

Very nice funny
I appreciate your meme

With few sausage-related adjustments it will be just once.