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On my bike ride to work this morning, even the road signs were trying to warn me


that's why you should always wear a helmet

How monday comes in my life

That's how cats are when you put them on a vegan diet and call kitty down for lunch.


ah, vegetables turn cats from a solid into a liquid


Thanks for you.....

That's how I am when they I am forced by my wife todo my annual prostate checkup.


just DIY it on the street

That looks like actual footage me getting home on Saturday night!


well I can tell you're not married, as you don't have to pretend to be sober when you're off your face

I bet you wished you broke your neck before the last step so you can claim disability, stay home and also get paid.


I've done this so much that every place of employment is now forcing me to sign a no compo prenup

When I refuse to admit it’s a Monday!
No! Today is not Monday!


when I'm getting dragged to the dentist

That's how cats are when you put them on a vegan diet and call kitty down for lunch


Thanks my dear friend @gentelbot

To work in the morning on my bike side, there were also road signs.....


Thanks my dear friend @gaentlebot


@gaentlebot is a very good man....he is a real hero in world.. His mind is fresh and friendly... i respect to you sir @gaentlebot


hahahahaaha amazing you are right.

Hahaha,,, Amazing funny...
I appreciate your meme


Really Very funny post


Thanks sir,,,
I am happy,,,


Yeah, it's funny..... amazing funny, maybe, but it will be funnier when he gets to work and realize Monday is a public holiday.

Hahaha,,, Amazing funny...
I appreciate your meme


Thanks for you sir

I think Monday morning is infectious, will make a post on this too.

This is why carpeting the stairs is better

gif source

You know work life has hit a bottom when you're filming yourself sliding going downstairs on the way to the slave mines.

To fix up my mood of lazy I am going like this, but not doing anything :D

Traffy, I think you must leave your job and start your own business by using 10% of STEEM investment :D


Even moving like that would be to hard - when i sleep, i sleep like a stone.

don't worry @traf, it is same for all of us. look at how I wake up

and how I go work on Monday;


His dick is scratching badly with the floor..

Monday Morning funny-gif-child-cries-reaction


This child is a genius to realize how bad Monday is at such a tender young age.


Do you think we go to work like that?
Yes, I'm. Just joking, I don't have a job and it's priceless lol.


How nedds a job anyway? I just need the money . :)

WoW...that's a great post.
I appreciate funny post......all the best.

Wow that's great funny .
I appreciate your funny.

Wow,,,, very nice funny,,
So looking great funny,,
I love your meme

giphy-downsized (4).gif
Everyone has a cover.
There are no people ,who hasnot a cover.....

200w_d (9).gif
Gif from giphy.....

When I wake up for work. I feel this is so hard in the world
😂😂 lol

But after that I got less pain


Ha ha ha ha..great funny

Monday mood for work

Anecdote: Morning. Monday. The chief asks: "Your eyes are red." Did he drink it? - No! At work I was bored, I cried!

Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Post Thanksgiving Weekend

Hahaha,,, Amazing funny...That's how I am when they I am forced by my wife todo my annual prostate checkup.
I appreciate your meme


What a bitch, waking me up to go earn a living. This is why man kill themselves before retirement.

Perhaps, it’s better idea to go back to sleep!

Monday Morning Randomness

Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

he he he 😁
So great funny.

Monday Morning Randomness - User Edition #39

So funny meme 😀😀

And when you have to work on saturdays while everybody is sleep in! whyy

Monday Morning Randomness

Life is hard if you're a pussy, and you have to go to work daily.

Now boss felt better because today is monday.


You're an amazing pet owner Traf. I can see that you have taught you cat how to mop the stairs.

Lol, when it's Monday, the only thing that can bring me to life after the weekend is a good dose of doping, ha ha ha

haha its so funny.
am wating for your funny pos@traf

At monday morning it looks like last night i did mustribution 10 times !

my dick has broken i'm not going .......

You made it to work?

Jjajaaja I died of laughter jejeej funny and funny, I never tire of seeing it great

This post absolutely amazing!. Thank you for posting @traf

Hhhh the some thing happen with me.

This is how they keep a shawn food for them and they call for food in the afternoon......thank you sir. you are a great man...