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At least he's eating the food given to him.


poor kid
first time he tasted veggies


Lol even godzilla won't eat his veggies.



when he's a carnivore, unlike king kong that bully

Lol, if mom asks to finish the vegetables urgently, you must create this rain, hahaha


the most unsexy facial ever

You eat what I give you!!

Don't tell this guy that...
giphy (1).gif

his tossed salad spilled all over the floor


mel gibson sure fell from grace after a few racist rants

I'm so happy to see that nobody made any sick jokes about tossing salad today. Huge.


you weren't paying enough attention

Okay I'll eat while she looks, then I'll make a fountain of vegetables:)


just got something stuck in its teeth


perfect loop :>

Smart but that would leave a trace.
I just put mine in toilet and flush down the drain.
Mom i'm done, I would eat more but am filled

good chef

I prefer getting my salad tossed the other way.

THOSE are vegetables! I've been eating 9 bagels a day for the last 20 years. :(

traf, such words always create tension and so my wife created this rain for her mother, LoL

My mom would spank the hell out of me if I try that. Lolz

yeah it's so funny, keep it up to complete it .
thank you very much.

it's amazing.

its soooooo funnnnnnnnnnnnny.......................

Nooooooo no las tires dámelas que vivo en Venezuela. jajajajaja.

Nooooooo, do not throw them away, give them to me, I live in Venezuela. Hahaha.

hahaha!! ohh my god!! this is soo funny! @traf you made my day! :D

I know this mom;

She considers what's best for you.

Lol. How she tortured me, with her vegetables :)