Live Streaming

in funny •  6 months ago

Oh look, your mom is live streaming again
And it looks like she's going for a record too :p

gif from giphy

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If your mum was a magician her name would be David Cockerfield specialising in making things disappear!


well if they sawed your mom in half she'd only be slightly larger than the average woman

Lol I see she takes after your nan. I'm a bit worries about your pop though



my pops gets used as a strap on sometimes

Lol. When your mother did not notice that there is already a live broadcast :))


she definitely has the same white stains around her mouth
i can tell you that

I thought we was gonna get rid a da Yo mamma series but since you at it:

Yo mama is so fat that when she gets in an elevator

it HAS to go DOWN!


puts arms around back of head doesn't go down as much as your mama :p

oh that was a live stream? i thought it was her audition for the remake of debbie does dallas


haha I'm old but I'm not old enough to get that reference
doesn't happen often enough these days, so I appreciate this experience

Yeah she s my mom.. usually she tries to break a new record..Eat as much jam as you can with chopsticks in one minute..

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Lol, this is a live webcast of the blog from my girlfriend's mom "How to reduce stress without leaving home", ha ha ha :D

hahaha.... very nice funny...
I like it this all funny.
Thanks for sharing valuable post...

haha so funny.thanks for share


hehehe...nice funny..
I love funny..

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Live stream of the reddit server room

y’all mind if i

Funny Pics

very funny


looks very funny..doing the right. haha.keep it up

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Wow that's great funny.
I like this funny.

he he
So beautiful funny.

A lone rimshot echoing somewhere in the distance.

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Funny Cat and rats
giphy (4).gif

Very funny meme

When i want to live stream what the happened

Hahaha very nice funny
I like it meme😃😃😃

LOL @traf, in fact, the recording has been going on for a long time and I think that such a mother will definitely leave anyone without a penny :D

right metter show it and allso funny...

When our mother is broadcast live, we sit down opposite the TV and repeat after her :))

friends mom dance live streaming be like

don't be dirty ! there was only single man in live Lol....

Online Live VS Reality :D

Ohahah, this is a very interesting fact, I like your post.its so funny

Now I'm second-guessing why my mom would always make me eat my veggies.

OOh It is verry funny ......If your mum was a magician her name would be David Cockerfield specialising in making things disappear!!!!!!!!!!!!!