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When I watch CMC and the moment that I am trying to find where STEEM is listed there lol :D

Traffy, yeah found it at 35th ranking, now I wish it will not drop from 40th list :D



35 isn't so bad
i guess the recent blog is promising
but jesus crypto is taking a shit on us right now


still on profit :3


You are really so great funny post sir@traf.

It hasn't, Captain Ahab.


yeah i know, i kept checking...
i'm in pain...

Haha this is the only mooning I have seen lately



caught your wife licking that flt swatter afterwards


Lol. I constantly check how much time has passed since when I was going to the moon. I forgot how long I've been sitting here, I've lost count of days....


2018 is just turning out to be a bag of dicks

traf, now I check the CMC almost around the clock and it's harder for me to realize that the Moon is getting farther, LoL


that's like my wife when she's about to blow me

And then I ask the TA experts what is happening with all their predictions

They respond, "just be patient."


i have no fries
just salt

And it's still red.
I've finally made up my mind to forget CMC till September, a little birdie was singing
september.... Cmc ... september.. Cmc...
by my window this morning

dont worry about it, its not helping

Lol, constantly checking the CMC, I caught myself thinking that I completely forgot about the joys of life, haha

what a creativity!! lol

Why now...
I thought we were mooning!!!

it is true ,..............

Only every 5 minutes. That is some serious restraint! :-o

I look constantly I check and I think WHY he such small :)