It Never Ends

in funny •  5 months ago

When you think your wife is done nagging you but she breaks into an entire second act

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Is that you Traf sitting in the corner as instructed by your wife?


she told me to answer your question with a 'no'


Didn't know you're the obedient kind.

She just wanted you to let you guard down a little, just so her fangs of nagging can dig in deeper with even more drama. Harpies are all evil that way.


I wish we were in the 50s where they just cook and clean and are seen but not heard


I think the 'seen but not heard' are suppose to be the orphans.

You made the 1st mistake by thinking she stopped nagging you :D
Never listen what she is saying, act blind, deaf and fool. Moreover, don't believe it will end in round 2 either!
Never try to kill yourself or herself. Coz you have to do the same thing every day!
This is my personal experience and I assure you every husband has this experience lol :D



ya i forgot she was just pausing to take a breath

I'm sorry to say, it's a chicken or the egg dilemma.

You're getting nagged, which means you can't get into the holy land.

But she's nagging you because deep down inside she obviously needs more coitus, as bed breaking action will placate any woman.


hmm, my mom use to nag me too...


You can blame your dad for that.

I hate to break it to you, but she is prepared for a third act, also. Then a sequel, a prequel, and a 15 round heavyweight match.


she splits the last book into 2 movies too, just like hollywood

Might be God's way of telling you to break into a second wife


hmm, doesn't sound like i'm learning my lesson...


God's telling almost everyman the same thing then

Dude she is on act four and it is past midnight. All I can say is "Yes. You are right. I'm sorry." Anything besides those four and I've got act five.


damn, act 5
mine has alternate endings to her nagging for the director's cut, which she goes through one by one

Hhhh realy funny


Yeah really funny


Thanks you so much @gentlebot


Not sure if it's realy funny (probably because I'm too young to get married), but his wife is such a foxy dog!


Thanks for you.....

Looks like you married a contortionist, it's the next best thing to having eyes behind her head.

The solution to get a break from arguing with your wife..

All you need is the key to stop her - every woman has, you just need to find it :>

Interesting, mine had a different method all together

Go ahead just break her neck, lets see what happens!

If your wife is down on all four limbs and nagging you, there is a message you're not getting Traf.

Your wife looks very flexible Traffy...that can come in handy!

There may be light at the end of the tunnel for you. Try an exorcism.

And then you try and make it up to her with a little late night love making session

But she ain’t having none of it

@traf you are absolutely right. Even you die, your clingy wife's soul will nagging you there too :(

Devils are never die they just change the way !

wow the dog is so funny !
thanks for your funny post.


Her second act was her pussy bitten my dick !!!!!! oooooopppppsssss

Hahahahaahahaahahaah........ funny...

Very funny meme
I liked your post.

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be Michael Jackson you will never face the problem Lol

Yeah you missed my kiss honey

Wow.....i like dog.thanks for so much your funny photo post.

Hehehehehe very nice funny 😄😄

Hahaha very nice funny
I like it meme🤓🤓

thanks my dear @gentlebot
stay blessed.

I can only have a lot of fun

it begins with saying yes in wedding ceremony and never ends @traf.

I have suffered from this situation for many years.

neve say yes, it's the biggest mistake ever.

Wow that's awesome funny.

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You need to take some drastic action, dress up a robber, break into your house and tie her up, I don't need to tell you to gag her, hope you figured that part out all by yourself.

Wow,,,,,, so great funny.😸

Might be God's way of telling you to break into a second wife