Is That An Echo?

in funny •  5 months ago

What it's like to go down on a woman who's been around the block

gif from giphy

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Don't take it serious, it's just an echo. You must learn the language of sex :D Coz it always mean me:

Go deeper, deeper, deeper.... (Continuing)



don't worry, she'll run out of cards before i run out of dick

If you fu%ked her it would be like playing pool with a piece of rope!


definitely would have to chalk it to keep the moisture down


Lol, hope we ain't gat little kids on this comment section??

Haha lmao, like kicking a gherkin up a corridor.



mine has the same spots on it


Thug life. Huhn

Lol. I think it looks like this :) But the delight of the flight you get :)


that's just steem price dude

make sure there aren't any critters hiding in there


ah the endoscopy

The extra irony of a gay guy yodelling isn't lost on me.


it was lost on me until you pointed it out

you know she popped a dozen if you get echoes with the quality of the Grand Canyon


Better than bose?


welcome my dear friend! Can you start to warn these thanks for you writers, lol

If only it ended with the resonance, now imagine what has been festering in the hollowness.

A bad smell would be an understatement..... biological gas mask 😷 that's what you'll need

source giphy

Helloooo, anybody here?

Better than an Amazon Echo




Very serious conversation and very cool hehe


In time you will grow less fussy about access.

Unless you like a tight ass....then it's all good ;)



An echo. No women, they backfire.

Looking as a cartoon!!!

Looks like as the character of MR. BEAN!!!

Lol. I think it looks like this :) Or like a pencil in a glass :)

Looks like as the character of MR. BEAN!!!

on the plus side, it's at least easy to fist her.

Accurate body expression...

on the plus side, it's at least easy to fist her.

Lol, when immerse yourself in such a woman, can hear such an echo, hahaha

Wow that's awesome funny post

How to fall into an around the block wishing well
First you get supplies, a google, a bucket and torch.

somehow, it reminds me Black Jack.

When everyone wants to make sex, do not be scared that it's just an echo

Good night my all friends.

I like it is so funny and funny

The crapped my soul out. LOL

understand it bitch I want to have sex with you

Lol, quite funny