Into The Piss Gutter You Go

in funny •  6 months ago

When all the urinals are full and the guy in front of you is taking too long

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Random acts of kindness...


would like to see this in the disabled toilets for once
that's the problem with them
always so selfish

Pull you out with this rope when you that all the urinals are full..


dude, that guy like...fell on his dick while pissing


Very amazing funny..


Piss fall on the face.


hahaha that's a great funny Sir...


Thanks for you too...

Soory to say but i spot your wife at wrong place.


that's my classy lass right there

Sometimes pee in open place is not good for you.


wind: 1
piss: 0

That guy deserved it for going fishing in a man made lake!


hmm would be sorta interesting to see someone fishing at the urinals

I think you smashed his rod Traf.


yeah well look at it this way
now he's more likely to catch something

Go use the handicap toilet, if anyone ask just say it's gonna ram out!

Think twice before you deal with him. No matter how hard the pain of HODL piss :D

For me it's better piss on my own pant than bath at piss gutter lol :D


If you think this is bad, you should see what is going on in the women's restroom.

so push him in =)

Just yell you have an emergency. If that doesn’t work then there is always this plan B!

haha lolz some time this situation created

Lol, when this happens, you need to react instantly, otherwise this guy in front of you can enjoy the process for a long time, hahaha

wow so funny meme

That hillbilly's gonna have mutton tonight.

That's a legal move in rugby.

I had a very heated debate recently with a friend of mine.

That's a baaaaaad sheep!

Thank you Sir

it was better to fill his urinals from behind,lol

Very funny. Welldone

You have a very big sheep Sir.

Upset !!!LOL!!!!!
Thanks for sharing//

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha @traf friend do not stop laughing this meme is very funny

heh je je take, grab your idiot fish

Hahahaha amazing funny...

tremendous pain in the ass he funny and funny meme

You are vrey nice post

ha ha ha .............oh oh oh................ha ha ha ...................oh oh oh...
col dear friend col........

I hope he isn't a black man. Otherwise, you are in danger @traf.

Get out of the way dude,
Ou can top it off with a lil piss his legs.
Sending him through the piss portal

Sometimes people need a little push to get them going

At this time, the mind starts to do so. It seems as if all the anger is poured out! hahaaha it was reality man!

this matter was really funny hahahaa!