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Haha! And the passengers go where exactly? :)


hopefully no where too far as it'll hurt my knees


Yes! And if you need surgery for hurt knees, I hope you made enough in Uber tips! ;)

Lol, when I am a driver of the Uber , I will have a special approach, haha


at least you'll win a drag race vs someone driving a hare

Lol. In order not to pay rent and spend on gasoline, I work as a Uber driver on my invention.


ah, the tesla 1.0

I was already a Uber driver. 1 day I work, a week in repair. Ha ha.


sounds like how the steemit dev team functions


there were no special effects back then o:

Does the ride come with Megan Fox or Shia Labouef?


mark wahlberg
so somewhere in between?

Service on you knees...

Not bad

This is an actual twit from Uber's official Twitter account yesterday:



an actual tweet
you twit


I'm not editing that comment

they go "into" you?

Hahahaha amazing funny....

Uber's new motto could be "Grease through tyranny."

Or "Uber-bots Assemble."

Or "Everyone's private MacGyver." :)

traf, i assure you that there will be no release from clients, because I will appear like this, LoL

Wow fantastic funny.. hahaha that's great I really liked it


You will scare the hell out of me.
I think I will rather trek.

hahah that's like taxi service everywhere