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Lol. After watching porn, I am in this state for three days if I see a woman


lol damn that's hot
bet they can't resist

Lol. Oh, what kind of dreams I dream about after I watch porn


that's a long ass drool

Haha dude, that's why I decided to have a pet while watching a porn lol :D

Traffy it's better if you could have someone with toothless lol :D



get the peanut butter out for some fun

you can use my own again...


oh nice
cleaning up after yourself

Goddammit novice. Use socks! They never run out!


but they get all hard and uncomfortable :(

I'll bet PETA would like to know about this porn site.


i bet they already do those sickos

well, some girls enjoy it


i need to find a girl with a drooling fetish too

Lol, she gt xtra tissue.. :)

lol, 😆 in the 90's