I Hate My Kids

in funny •  5 months ago

Ironically, if I'd busted my balls a few years ago this would never have happened

gif from giphy

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Oh dude, you missed this event day before your wedding night right? :D

Traffy, now you are too late like collecting SP, but sometimes you can find an answer by following Shaolin thug ball training lol :D



rather that then spend a night consummating the marriage

they were actually planning it


ya the other one is like you do it, you're the favorite, you won't get in trouble

I have the chance, i busted it when i was young in this incident..
So no kids for ever..


you have great foresight sir
less suffering in your future

Well, hindsight is 20/20. I want to know who is holding the camera. Maybe it is mom getting delayed revenge for making her go through labor pains?


would probably be a little more painful if mom was the one who leaped off that couch

Lol, you needed to solve this task in time with the help of a trusted friend, hahaha


I can be that friend for you
this is honestly how useful my wingmen are


they call it "training"

Lol. I agree with you, but this could happen to you. You just went to lie in the wrong place.


this would be great to see in the next high school musical movie


the worst luck you could possibly have

Youch! I love how someone took this giph and didn't stop the child from hurting that man.

Sometimes that makes me consider having children, she in her mind should be an excellent idea to jump over my dad's balls, which could go wrong?

I'm feeling it from over here

ohh no.Dont do this again.Its a dream team maker.

Hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhh this giph really funny.

traf, before my wedding, the revenge of an ex-girlfriend and her friends was just such, LoL

Oh shittt hahahahh

Me too. I mean I hate your kids because they have a lot of Steem Power.

just joking, I hope you will be happy with your family @traf.

Lol. This is what you had to do before the wedding, but you chose another :)

Wow fantastic funny..

hehe do it bro😟😂😂😂

Ha ha ha...its too much funny.