I Hate My Kid

in funny •  6 months ago

When you're having a nice chat to a pretty lady at the supermarket and your kid suddenly pops out of nowhere to cockblock you

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But every once in a while when it looks like you're gonna be gang raped by some belugas

The youngster comes to the rescue


ya, rape them instead, leave me alone!


That's an awesome block! lol I tried looking for the full play on Youtube but couldn't find it.


Thanks for sharing..

I've got a simple word that will stop this dilemma



does it stop a 5 year old from existing?


Thanks for you....

No worries dude, kid came nowhere means "your wife is around here"! It might a damn day when she found you with this lady :D



that's just madonna trying to forcibly adopt children


Thanks for you sir...

I also hate kids
They are like this pole to your sex life.


woah, cock blocked!


Thanks for sharing.

Thanks god your wife does not pop up otherwise ....you know better.


every time i so much as glance in the direction of another woman


Hahaha fantastic funny post..

Kids can actually be good wingmen until they're old enough to tell mom


that's why a dog is better


Hahaha that's great funny.

Really annoying and shameful


kids are kids after all


That's why i hate kids. Dude they don't even allow me to sex with my own wife.

I found your kid @traf. I think he has reached his goal.


Wow amazing funny.


Very interesting funny sir..

Lol. My wife so taught the child that he became my shadow. So I can not just talk to women :)

Excellent... Very funny meme..

I go through on it 😂 you don't have to explain more, I can understand what it feels certain time 😣


Hehehe silly joke but I liked it:p

  • Hey dad, remember mom said you should get her diapers for jake and sam.
    At this moment, it could either go two ways
  • Hey do I know you,
  • this is my sisters kid, he has regular amnesia

Hey @traf your son came to you all of a sudden and told you daddy my mom sends you to say why do you take so long? hehe very funny meme


Very interesting funny@trar sir.

The best way is if you send the child to the game room. Then you will not have problems in communicating with the ladies.

Yeah this, is a stupid joke but I liked it:one

When you are having sex with your wife and your kids wake up. And the kid says daddy what are you doing with mommy.


Hahaha. That's a tragedy

calm @traf that your wife did not find out

Hhahahaha, and she be screaming daddy daddy everywhere!

Lol. In such cases, I always say that it's a neighbor's boy who was asked to look after.

hahah the bastard.

Xd Forever alone mate.

My cat :)

interesante, no lo alcanza porque viene desde atrás.

How I imagine the ride home