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If its not on the exam, I might prefer this smart kid!

Traffy, one more thing! When I sit next to a girl, I cant sleep, coz I think what I will do next! With that feeling I can stay awake in any kind of boring lecture!



i wonder why people even bother getting glass eyes

how you can stay awake in class..


that's just an asian guy being racist


hh this funny
thank you for this


My excuse when teacher caught me sleeping during the lecture.


and it was sex ed

When i'm not paying attention and the teacher asks me a question.



No need to worry about missing out on the lecture just make sure you sit next to the smart asian kid in the exam to cheat off!


doesn't work as well if you go to school in asia


Sit next to the white kid?

Lol. Still to understand where I am? And about what they say?


probably asked him what are seals known to do?


Interesting funny post

That's me when my parents are giving me important directions about things todo in the kitchen when they are away.

Hope I don't go hungry.


It's ok, I also have to feed the dog, I've got access to can food.


Most welcome to sir


Thank you very much.
I appreciate your funny..


Thanks for you sir...


Thank you popular person.

I love you this
thank you for sharing

depends on a topic

People told me to try meditation to improving focus and concentration but meditation is more sleepy than lectures.

Don't worry, you can just copy off your other Asian friends or better yet, have them teach you what you missed.

It's really true and funny

ha ha what a boring lecture
funny meme

heh he is very funny, something like that when you are talking to your mother-in-law @traf and you want him to go away fuck, well so annoying

Hahaha amazing funny....

Some teachers have no problem getting the students attention

Gif from Giphy


Amazing funny post.

Lol. A hard life at the student. A whole day in the computer played, at night with the girls, and in the morning at the lecture. There's no time for sleep :)


Fantastic funny sir


Hahaha amazing funny post.

Hahaha fantastic 🐕🐕 funny post

Very funny meme. I liked it. Thanks for fun @traf

Because of the fact that I sleep in lectures, they leave me for the second year for the sixth time :)


It's better than to sleep in the lecture.

when you're in class and you're falling asleep from how boring the curse class is

And today, we'll be discusssion on chemical kinetics of particulate matter.
You and who is discussing, 60 secs in, I bow my head and start my prayers.

Very funny 😄