Hard Fork Problems?

in funny •  6 months ago

Every time a new hard fork is announced I'll get really nervous now

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votes in a few days, need to regen voting power here

don't trust hardforks anymore

I can't even imagine. Now I have to count the numbers of comments I make.


haha it's worse for smaller accounts

No I will not get nervous, I will feel like f##k up lol :D



will vote in about a day and a half
ack! steem sure has a lot of problems these days

don't worry, the blockchain won't destroy itself

Even Deciding Which Step to Take First Is Hard


that's me after my wedding

i highly doubt they know what they're doing
but they try

Just stick to rule number one: never drop the soap. That's the only way you'll be alright.


it's fine, i never shower in the first place

Are they sure of what they're doing?

Welp. .dropped a vote on you. Guess that worked. Will now see if i can comment too.


yeah you should have more than enough steem power
save your votes for a few days, i am as well, because our voting power got reset

traf vs. newly created account.


sorry I either vote or power up after a transfer. I got no other choice. freemium cough freedom.