Gyming Because You're Single

in funny •  6 months ago

When you've been single for a while and you have to work on getting your arms symmetrical again

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This way you can also keep swiping on tinder with the free hand


or wipe my ass
feel sorry for the next guy who uses the machine after me

I thought it's for arms, but seems like it worked on boobs lol :D

Traffy, how about yours?



hmm my wife must do a lot of sit ups then, judging by the size of her stomach


doesnt work like that


Thanks for you.....

Dont need that if you are just as good with both hands Traffy!


NO ONE's just as good with both hands


Thank you sir....

My clingy gf broke up with me Now i'm chilling with single life and trying to make 10 pack abs to get a hot bomb 😂


should have this installed in the car


Thank you @trafalgar sir.

Or you could admit you're an asshole
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giphy (42).gif


when my relatives ask I have to lie and say i'm not or they'll hit on me


becouse i want to make me happy

He's just getting ready for the black power rally



these black supremacists are taking over with all their megazord power

Turns out, when you're enraged by someone else's minor behavior, it spurs you to lift harder, faster, and without pausing to check Instagram real quick.




Thanks you sir,,,
I love funny...


right handed?

you're kidding me @traf.. this would be you after a break up

Cheers :) ˆˆ


hahah,thats gud idea

Girls Gym

GIF by Demic

“So you've joined the gym, Getting in shape for marriage proposals, eh?”


smiling,yeap you are right,when i was single,i tried very hard in gym for maintaining my body,but now i have no time for gym,

Life Pilates

Ball Yoga


fix my car aswell plsss


acceptable spam haha


Acceptable spam.



Your bot is struggling to carry its weight.


wow, what a body

When in reality, we probably actually look more like a sweaty, hot mess crying in the corner of the gym.


hahaha..Very nice funny..😹😹
I like funny..👍👍

Girls Fitness Gif and Motivational Quotes that will inspired you every day and help to live healthy.


dat phooty

34 Pictures That Show You Exactly What Muscles You're Stretching


damn thats useful

Very nice post.. Thanks for sharing @traf.

Really.. Amazing funny..
I appreciate your meme..
Thanks for sharing funny...

Hehehe,,, funny is very excited to,,,
I like meme..
Thanks for sharing valuable post..
I appreciate your funny...

13 things you should know before dating a guy who's a gym-obsessive



seen enough porn to see where this is going

Disgustingly true...

Give's new meaning to Proverb's "corner of the roof".

I agree with you, When we are free single, we must go to the gym for our good health. Because health is the root of all happiness.

If break up will happen in stead you will take a nap on the floor and shaping muscles with out her is......................

Or you could become an armwrestler:
Fapmeister Matthias Schlitte.jpg


bean n angry wutface


smiling,he is Hilarious Comedian,i love his acting

until that woman with an eight-pack walks in, gives you a withering glare and you realise perhaps it might be time to actually do some exercise. Shame.