Good Parenting

in funny •  5 months ago

When your kid is telling you some bullshit story about Catherine's new lunchbox or something and you gotta act interested

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Same face when my wife is going over things I need to do better

”Okay honey,” as I just smile and nod


be prepared to make that face for a few hours

That's good parenting bitch.


who gives a shit about the milkman's son eh?


If my wife is at that situation, this is how she react :D



lol ya inane garbage conversation you can never get out of

I'm damn sure your kids bullshit story must be interesting than my gf talks and her stupid questions.


it's like she's sucking a vibrator

Lmao, and that is why I drink Dos Equis



he's like a shitfaced sean connery


A drink or two will be appreciated that time

At us in the country even seals are well brought up. Ready to listen day and night, all the same there is nothing to understand :)


i need to hire one to listen to my wife's nagging

Kid's got style if he already knows to munch on a box


aww, sweet. Thanks Gentlebot.


Yeah kid's got style

This is how i respond when my girl be taking some sh.t about, katherine having an baby shower and the club girls hanging out at some place and more blah..........

Good parenting has many faces..


And this is the one face

Most of my friends pretend like this when i told them my life problems.

When he decides he is going to fuck that cow.

having kids = hard time

They can be so fascinated by the dumbest things. "What, you want the packaging to this pack of gum that I bought last week? Sure kid, knock yourself out."

Hahaha,,, Amazing funny... I appreciate your meme

when you dont like a meme from @traf
and still you act like it is good just for an upvote

Supper funny post,ha ha ha

Oh really, yes I am listening to you


Hehehe enough this funny 😂😁

Oh, yes, when you were woken up in the middle of the night and you should listen to the baby's dream :)

My friends, when i explain EOS to them.


What do you think, is it interesting ?

Hahaha !!! Perfect reaction
I always gave same reaction to one of my friend on his lame story about his gf

when a teacher is teaching some bullshit
and i gotta pretend like i understand!

Lmao, this shit so funny. My parents does that to me a lot.

Yup.. yup... I can see how you spend your weekend...


The little rascals

Lol. Start telling the kid about your work and he will quickly want to sleep :)

Lol. My wife and I are very well brought up, and when our child wants to talk about snot in the nose, we throw everything and go listen to the story.

The first thought was that I went to die, but I did not understand the taste of food..

I had many small hills, but it was so big to go to the mountains...

Hahahaha amazing funny @traf

i just commented this gif on your previous post.. hahaha

do not worry, son, that's a bitch

son that's a bicha, then you grab her and give her hard for the ass

son that's a bicha, then you grab her and give her hard for the ass

boludamente funny post

That's awesome funny post hahaha

While fighting with my cat:))