Going No Where

in funny •  5 months ago

When all the other cryptos are mooning but Steem isn't going anywhere

gif from giphy

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A live look at steem attempting to moon


erectile dysfunction ads are getting creative


Ha ha funny gif

Steem? Never heard of it.


Just go to page 5 on CMC and you'll find it about half way down


Thanks for you....


Right sir

Steem was a little hungover last night and slept in too late this morning for liftoff.


It seems to get plastered way too often
It needs a wife to put it on a leash

Hodl my friend, Do you know the meaning of SMT?
It doesn't appear yet! So let's wait till we hear that big news! You might be at billionaires club with Microsoft and Amazon owners!



haha I dunno
hopefully they'll be some partnerships
smts seem promising but i also don't like some of its limitations like when it comes to reward curve choices

Eventually it will catch up one way or another.


I guess it catches up on its way back from the moon lol

When it's slightly lowered during the rise


been my expression far too often lately

Very funny meme


Yeah very funny memes

If there is Mr.Bean in meme, you must upvote it

STEEM is a bit disappointing the last week :/

yeah bro really frustrating steem going down btc going up 😑😑😑

damn this guy is just funny. i give up menh.

Great meme sir ..you really funny man I enjoy your all post ..really very nice funny gif sir ..thanks for share

When all the coins were dumping, there was a lot of steem and sbd both in my opinion, after dropping all the coins, sbd & steem doubled, now times will take a little bit, now all the coins will depend on btc, so wait and see.

Mr. Bin can make extraordinary laughs absurd

Hahahaha very nice funny
I appreciate your funny post @traf

haha its really sad. we wanna go to the moon and never come again. @traf

Very nice funny
I like it meme.

Right very funny meme

Steem is not going anywhere but other crypto is going everywhereimage_search_1524662550156.gif

This is all happened in crypto market, they cheated with steem :(

wait steem is comming soon to make run everyone .......

hahahahahaha very funny meme nice post.

the main reason was

Ok no matter.we have a technology to go to the moon.hehe

haha :D so funny. Thanks for share.

Steam will progress very quickly and will come up, just all of us have to say.

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My dear friends @traf @gentelbot and @trafalgar you are very nice man....
This so sweet funny.
I appreciate your meme😃😃