Getting It Back

in funny •  6 months ago

When you left your phone on the bus and have to run all the way to the next stop to retrieve it

gif from giphy

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I should forget my phone in the bus sometimes then. Could lose the weight.


don't think phone are that heavy these days


This might be your best reply ever!

Yeah at the end it's retrieved :D



ya they pulled the bus driver out by the end

But finally after all this effort.. you didn t find the bus in the next stop...


haha or you realized the phone was in your pocket all along

It's very inspiring to see just how much conviction bmx bikers and skateboarders have to complete a trick. Yes, he probably lost a testicle in the outtakes to this clip, but it was worth it.



well if you fail twice you have nothing more to lose

Suddenly my cell phone started heating up when I made this comment. Or is that a Steemit problem?

super nova.gif


nah that's just cancer

Yo niggas stop there I had 1 year BRAZZERS premium access on that phone !
Give it back :(


these guys should star in the next speed movie


Yeah I was thinking about make them pornstar for adult movie but I need a producer 😁 @traf will you help there ?

At least you don't forget your phone in your pocket when you have a swim;

Look at my poor girl, run away!


it'll be a tragedy
unless it's one of those samsung phones that catches fire

Damn Traf , thought you might have bought a car


Thanks for you....


Wow amazing giphy😀😀😀

Oh, it happens to me all the time. Why? WTF?
Ok, relax! Next stop will be finaly successful.
Next stop...Next stop...Next stop...Next stop...

You are so cool-headed. What happens when I had forgotten something on the bus. even if this is my husband.

ps. I love forgetting my husband somewhere.

Why catch the bus when you can ride a bike like that...Chicks dig daredevils!

Jezz @traf you made me to laugh my ass out!!!! this is epic

Wonderful it.
Thanks for sharing funny post.

Actually this great focising skill ..
So little bit funny...

Great meme.i like your every funny post.
Thank you@traf

Wonderful funny..
I like it this meme...


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Heheheheh loollll
Keep it up...😵😵😵😵😵😵

Amiging mad. Lol

Hahahaha really beautiful funny 😃😃😃

This is great skill i think that he can success one day...Just it..

Hahahahah loollll...That great funny..

Then he feel like that.......

Why you don't upvote me @traf

This is so funny .lol

@traf sir your post are funny and when i see this animation i can't control my lough hi hi hi

ha ha ha so funny video..

very nice funny.
thanks for sharing this post..

Great funny post...👏👏👏😂😂😂😂👏

That's great 😂😂😂 ha ha ha...

Very funny meme

Hhh that happened whith me 😂😂

Even you had period but still you're running to retrieve your Iphone 8+ from bus like that !!

heyyy bus stop i need my phone back, i had some private clip in my phone

Wow... Amazing post.i appreciate your post.
Many thanks @traf

Hahahahaha hot a funny dear...Carry on😜😜😜😜

photo getting-back-on-a-motorcycle.gif

She was impulsive and every day was an adventure waiting to be had on her magic school bus! Tap to play GIF

Danny works hard at getting Mindy back, and he finally does

Then you go back to sleep

Watch this GIF on Gfycat

Guy notices employee getting a little close, reminds his girlfriend that he's got her back

When I could not ride a bike during my childhood, I wanted to learn again and again but I used to accidently make an accident

When you really think getting back together with your ex is a good idea and your friends disagree.


Get your stuff back

The Bold Type - Are Kat And Adena Getting Back Together?

Lemur requires scratch his back

Day 0: Getting back into the swing (of things)

Are the Pussycat Dolls Getting Back Together?!

And so here are my 2 big tips to getting back at it!

When you're finally feeling 100% and back to working out, some muscle and stamina loss will happen, so don't be discouraged getting back into your workouts.

journey of getting back from your journey. Just try not to actually spit on your coworkers. Tempting as it is, it'll make things harder in the long run.

Getting back into the groove of having gym class is a struggle.

I am... never... getting back in the water Anchor 2: ... ... ... No way... Me either... (sounds)...yea stuff summer. sauce: ...

Hehehe looking for funny
I appreciate your funny Post @traf

That is great funny
Thanks for sharing this funny post

It's very inspiring to see just how much conviction bmx bikers and skateboarders have to complete a trick. Yes, he probably lost a testicle in the outtakes to this clip, but it was worth it.