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Yeah dude, this is how I felt about every patch they made so far lol :D They put huge effort but more to go lol :D

Traffy, someone undeletaged me today and now I am back to 0% voting power lol :D



A for effort


Boo ya face down

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If only Chuck Norris was working for Steemit Inc, we’d know that his round house kick would have landed


feels like he's been kicking the shit out of them since hf 17

Just wait until the next hurdle comes up. Onboarding still seems to be an issue

Gif from Giphy


all aboar...nevermind

Tell them to beg for mana/debt forgiveness.


i think some accounts were bricked from mana debt actually

Thanks for keeping my updated on this. Man I thought they were trying to convert money into shit.



that's what all shitcoins are really

Haha lmao, they did a shitty job on my nephews bike too.



nah that's just every bike after my wife sat on it

Just missed it for a bit, like a foot

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LoL traf, it seems like the desire to take the desired height was huge, but it was evident that the take-off was not fully calculated

Lol . The work of developers . That's what reminded me .....

Be carful your target is hectic...

Haha They did it better, but it turned out as always

Actual footage of me trying to protect my girlfriend last week in front of the cinema. the guy was not impressed ...

Lol, lot of patches.. :)