Eye Wide Shut

in funny •  5 months ago

When you managed to put superglue into your mother in law's mascara

gif from giphy

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Better then setting the make up gun to whore!


i bet krusty the clown would pay top dollar for it


Thanks for you.....

Haha and if she is not careful she may lose an eye.



after a few drinks she might forget which eye and try with the other one

How most porn Stars look at the end of the scene.


no spoilers please!


damn. bro you've been busy


The previous scene you missed in that episode.

See that little finger sticking out, that's old people gang code for come over and poke something into my blinking eye below.


all this time i thought it was arthritis, stupid me

when you go to your MIL's house giphy (57).gif
gif from giphy


nah, that'll be my own mother

works for ex-girlfriends too


hmm, if you have it over both eyes it looks like a pretty cool halloween costume for a few seconds


long enough to win the costume contest

lol nailed it

It doesn't matter. When she's drunk, she's so horny that you can put blinders on her and she'll still take you around the block.

I think you accidentally put that glue into her drink. Look at her mouth!
A good thought Dude, I will test this on my wife and mil (mother in law) too lol :D
Wish me good luck :D

Off Topic:-
Traffy do you have any idea about STEEM Max Supply or is that 10:1 Split after 3.3 years is still valid? I hope you have a good idea how things going on this platform!


Lol, it was a sad experiment of my friend in childhood, with mother's mascara, ha ha ha

Ha ha ha ha
Very nice funny.

Hahaha.. looking great funny.
I like it....

Hahaha.. looking great funny.
I like it....

Wow interesting gif .
I liked it.


Now she has a permanent winking eye😉 lol

Hahaha ,,,Amazing funny
I appreciate your meme..

good idea.. let's try it on mothersday ;-)

Wonderful your funny post, I appreciate you.

he he he
Very nice funny.

hehe, it's so cool @traf, you are so genius, can create cute pictures like that, and can entertain the crowds. thank you.... :D

after treatment still her eyes become more small like chinese girl Lol

Mother in law always got lot of eyes lol............... you can't stop her

@traf when your wife mix superglue with food and accidentally your mom put that spoon on eye !

Traffy got so young mommy now chill....

Very nice funny.
I appreciate your funny .

Lol. After the presentation of mascara, I began to see 180% with one eye :))

hahaha,she cant open her mouth,so funny gif
lot of laugh>>>>>>

yes it is look like this nice shot @traf

that is truth Hhhh

at least you used superglue, it could be worse.

once I put my cum into the hair gel box. which is why they call me cumke

Hahaha,,, Amazing funny...
I appreciate your meme

Should've put it in her drink so she can't squeal on you that it wasn't glue in her eyelashes...