Err...Sorry...Thought You Were Doug

in funny •  5 months ago

When you think you've spotted a friend and call out to them only to discover it's some complete stranger when they turn around

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My GF is using this method to catch me slept with other girl or not! But every time she lose :D
Traffy, no strange things can be found from our faces, it's definitely on the girl who I slept with lol :D



damn, they must love that taste for them to not wipe it off afterwards

Then you are embarrassed at your silliness

But people still think you’re cute cause you’re a panda

And then trying not to be noticed after you’ve mistaken them

Haha if one is not careful, this can earn you a smack to the chops.



sore winner


Thanks for you..

Lol, when I was looking for my girlfriend on the beach and thought, here it is, but for me it was a real surprise, ha ha ha


brings back memories from thailand


@trafalgar so great man 👌

good morning sunshine!


a couple of beers and she's a 7

and then an epic rap battle ensues
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giphy (48).gif


that'll make a good cover letter when applying to top ivy league schools

the reaction could be worse. you are lucky.


no that's right, that's my wife, no mistake there

hahaha.....very funny.i love it.


Right @salma-akanda
Very funny post

You must be sure before calling me how you will solve this problem.

Hehehehe, i love the bird's eyes

It’s especially bad when you jokingly cal them “bitch” in the process

Lol oh no, wrong sorry may i untap you

All different people but the same plastic surgeon.


Laugh my ass out 😂😀, really that stuff has happen to me times without numbers @ traf great post

So beautiful funny.

Great funny post

he he he 😁😀
So nice funny.
I appreciate your funny post.

This has happened to me a few times. The most memorable one was in the college cafeteria.

I love seeing the eyes of the owl, in the night when she opens the eyes, the light looks like lightning.

This is really funny...hahahahaaaa


Lol. I just confused, and she immediately fight :))

image (2).gif
Haha. The bull confused, but it could all end badly :))

very funny and true

Ha ha ha. Very funny meme

very funny post,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol
really enjoyed it.

hahahahaha so funny post. i loved it. thanks for sharing.

girl i know you're Molly ! if you are not then please don't turn around in this situation !!

Sorry sorry sorry sorry

Don't turn around your booty dance was awesome

errrrrr.... that was my girlfriend !!
No that was my Ex-girlfriend, Yahoooo
that was nice shot lol.....................

@traf :Need a Dick for blow job ?

@traf : oh sorry i am not a dentist.